Sunday, 7 July 2013


On bended knee & head bent, Lord forgive me for I have sinned,
Tell me, on my demise, will my errings be forgiven & truly binned,
Shall my shabby soul be saved, so that I´m finally allowed to win?

All through my life, in my blips, my trips & my sordid sinning slips,
I fall, rise, then fall again, stumble in highs & lows & tumbling dips,
Can you forgive this sorry sinner or castigate me with stinging whips?

I have run fast through a life of greed & grabbed at its many riches,
Leaping & ducking through its hitches, glitches & dark murky ditches,
Shall you patch me up brand new, sewn with gold & hallowed stitches?

Reprimanded, spanked hard & like nursery rhyme´s little Jack Horner,
In shamed-dunce-cap, slapped wrist & duly put into sins dark corner,
For all my sins, shall I be doomed to hell, in Satan´s hot & steamy sauna?

Or shall you deem my punishment to write those awful thousand lines?
To be written in perfect symmetry & in your accordance, due to rhyme,
Or shall I go to prison´s dungeon, perhaps paying eternal & hefty fine?

Please tell me Lord, I´ve asked forgiveness in penance & daily prayer,
But you tell me Lord, that it´s not written, that God is here to scare,
And you tell me that all´s forgiven, because my God is always fair.

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