Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I have gone & left you alone on this old cold earth,
And I apologize; for all that it may be really worth,
It wasn’t my choice & I had never planned to leave,
Wasn´t down to my tricks & no cards up my sleeve.

My time was up & over, it was all just God´s good will,
Leaving you alone with life & its hard & oft bitter pill,
I am so very sorry I left you & was torn from your life,
You were my one & only love, my precious sweet wife.

Please do not kneel & wail alone, at my old grey tomb,
Let sweet sleep not forsake you for the love of the moon,
Also, don´t bury your smile into the crease of your frown,
And remember always, you were the jewel in my crown.

Share the joyous songs with the plumed birds of the air,
Dress only in the colours of all flowers, pretty, gay & fair,                                    
Let your happy laughter mingle with the giggle of streams,
And do not let my passing ever interfere with your dreams.

From beyond my cold grave dear, please do listen to me,       
Your life my dear, is for living, so stop, listen, learn & see,
So lift up your frilled skirts dear & go dance on your way,
This is no place to be my dear, just to kneel, weep & pray.                

I am no longer here, beneath this grave´s old musty loam,         
Kneel no more here my love; I have gone back to my home,
To the place we all come from, in the soft sun of God´s face,
I shall be here for you, waiting, when you return to this place.

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