Monday, 4 May 2015


I am no follower, of any leader in charge,

For an idol, through crowds, I will not barge,

I´m no disciple of religions, credos or creeds,

I´m not just one more, upon a string of beads.


Just one more in the hives, the swarms, the herds,

One ant in the line, one more, in the flock of birds,

One in the pod, the shoal, one standing in queues,

I´m not just one more, being preached to in pews.


I desire never to lead, never rule, nor ever to reign,

But I´ll never stoop to be mere thread, in silken skein,

I´ll never follow in crowds, I´m happy, being just me,

I am not the follower; I am merely a person being free.


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