Friday, 29 May 2015


I was not born with silver spoon at my lips,

No golden goblet, from where rich king sips,

I know no riches of precious metals & gems,

I´ve never been garbed in silk & velvet hems,

But I knew you.


I´ve not been blessed with glibness of tongue,

Nor with voice to sing, as the troubadours sung,

Not with the swiftness of foot, nor agility of cat,

I´ve no wing of eagle, nor night wisdom of bat,

But I knew you.


So many things I´ve not had, nor ever will know,

I´ve had nothing to gain & I´ve nothing to show,

Yet in all my nothingness & my humble being,

I´m blessed, as with in you, I´m all heaven seeing,

As I knew you.


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