Monday, 11 May 2015


Go bop Mama, rap Mama, go waltz, glide & sway,

Move your tapping feet Mama, go every night & day,

Gyrate your Latin hips Mama, move your well heeled feet,

Get bare-footed in the dust Mama, to that hot African beat.


Snake-like as the cobra Mama, dancing Arabic slinky belly,

Shake, turn it & burn it Mama, just like fizz & lemon jelly,

In the ballroom or bedroom Mama, or in any other room,

Alone or with your man Mama, or with your witches broom.


Dance dressed in finest silk Mama, grass skirt or rich brocade,

Swaying in your sari Mama, or dance the jig dressed in plaid,

The important thing Mama, is the fact that you are bopping,

Never mind your age Mama, in dance there aint no stopping.


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