Friday, 27 March 2015


I want to go to Wales,

 Where my old soul, is so deep interred,

Where choirs in the valleys, are ever heard,

Where Druids chant, in their snowy hoods,

And toss their Runes, in moss-clad woods.


I want to go to Wales,

Where golden daffodils fill forests & fields,

Where cwtches, the Welsh, so freely wield,

Where Bards wax lyrical, the sonnet & ode,

And old legends, over fires, are always told.


I want to go to Wales,

Where old voices ring out, upon tearful tunes,

Where suns gives way, to grey mists & moons,

I want to return to Wales, my soul´s old home,

And where I know for sure, I´ll never be alone.




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