Monday, 30 March 2015


Beyond realms of reasoning, live my closest friends,

In places where skeptics call, “land of let´s pretend”,

Places beyond man´s eyes, & all learning of the most,

Life-friends, whom folk, so wrongly just call ghosts.


Goddesses of all elements, of our earth, air & sea,

Who dwell within all women & always part of me,

Spirit guides who know, & show me all the signs,

So that I may seldom trip, & never cross the lines.


My old Ancestors gone, lore keepers of the hearth,

Now preparing my way, & showing me right path,

The Angels all around me, protecting me since birth,

Surrounding me with love, in my journey upon earth.


Gods of all our seasons, & “The only one” above,

He who sees within, the mighty lion & sweet dove,

All my friends are these, all of whom we cannot see,

Yet I know for sure, that they´re always here with me.


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